Creating a Strategic Board Agenda

A strategic board agenda is key to productive meetings. The format of the agenda and the way it is delivered can make or break a session. Establishing and adhering to a format that the chair of the board could default to will help streamline the process of preparing for and conducting a board meeting. It helps the board keep its focus throughout the meeting so that they aren’t lost in discussions that aren’t relevant to the objectives of the organization, or waste time on operational topics which can be taken care of by committees.

The majority of the board meeting agenda should be dedicated to discussion and important subjects. This could be a forward-looking topic and relating to strategic objectives or simply new information and data. To keep the board and discussion focused, it’s recommended that outdated or irrelevant items be taken off the agenda. If it is essential to include these items the items should be put at the end of the board meeting so that they don’t take up too much of the board’s time.

Board members should receive the complete agenda of board meetings prior to the meeting to allow them to become familiar with the topics and topics that will be discussed. This can inspire them to prepare for the meeting and also allow them to know what other members of the board are planning to bring up during the discussion. This transparency can aid the board in staying focused and organized at the meeting, as well as reinforce the importance of attending in person.

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